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tel. +48 501 175 273


Quality assurance

We comply with all legal standards and regulations and we act in accordance with the ProZ.com Certified PRO Network rules (based on the bEN 15038 standard of quality in translations).

The ProZ.com Certified PRO Network is an initiative of the ProZ.com translator?s forum to identify the best qualified and professional translators. Translators must demonstrate exceptional skills (in compliance with the standards of this profession), but must also hold references from members/clients/providers and a proven professional record. ProZ.com Certified PRO Network guarantees the highest quality of services (more on this subject: http://www.proz.com/pro-tag/info/about).


Confidentiality is a priority for us.
Entrusting us with a translation, you may be sure that we will handle your personal details and the contents of the materials in strictest confidence.

Any texts and documents from clients are treated as confidential by our translators. Under appropriate agreements, our translators are under a duty to preserve the confidentiality of the contents of documents provided by clients and their personal details. We work only with professionals with the right experience.
We process the personal details of customers only to the extent requires to complete a project and only until it has been completed.

Translations are produced by specialists who possess experience in the relevant field. During a project we cooperate closely with the client and, if anything is not clear, we consult the client or resolve the issue with specialists.

Stages of project realization:

  1. The text is accepted
  2. We assign a project manager
  3. We appoint a specialist translator
  4. Proofreading and copy-editing
  5. Linguistic revision and redaction

A text translated by us will be properly edited and ready for use for your chosen purpose. This means that, for example, a text for advertising and publicity purposes will highlight the attractiveness of the advertised product. Technical texts are translated in a concise, understandable and cohesive manner. In translations we apply professional terminology in compliance with professional standards, technical norms and client requirements. Our translators include persons with an engineering background in various fields. We consult the client and specialists if there is anything unclear. For example, apart from generally accessible sources, we have access to the dictionary of the international railway organization UIC and to the international financial reporting standards.

We do not translate a text literally, but take into account its context, target group, purpose and language, at the same time remaining faithful to the content of the original.

The quality of our services corresponds to best business and project management practices and to the client?s individual requirements agreed upon previously. We comply with all instructions and glossaries provided by the client.

We count on innovative solutions and specialist CAT tools (including Trados Studio) and specialist software which support the translation process and guarantee the consistency of terminology.

Thanks to these solutions we work faster and more efficiently.

We also have software to translate all kinds of files in:

  • various versions of Office, StarOffice and OpenOffice, including: Word, Excel, Power Point
  • Web pages, Java (.properties), XML files
  • Texts with graphics, scans, including: PDF, JPG, TIFF
  • CAT tools, including TTX, SDLXLIFF
  • Adobe formats: mif (FrameMaker 8 and 9), inx (Indesign CS2, CS3, CS4)
  • Files in the following software: .dll, .exe, .rc

We do not disclaim our responsibility for the quality of our translations.

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How do I order and collect a translation?

Our contact details:
We always send sworn translations by registered mail, priority mail or courier.
You can order a sworn translation by mail or fax, but you must show the original when you collect the translation, or send it by mail.


E-mail: pm@continent-translations.com
Skype: hiszpanskiego.com
Mobile phone: 48 501 175 273,
Landline: 48 61 625 68 09
Office: Continent Translation Agency,
Arkada Commercial Centre – room u216 II floor, ul.Obornicka 229, 60-650 Poznań (direction map)

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