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tel. +48 501 175 273



(all branches of industry, including: railways, construction, infrastructure, treatment plants, waste, energy, IT, software, automatics, machines, new technologies, technical documentation, standards and certificates, mining and metallurgy, work health and safety, automotive industry, websites, publicity and advertising, engineering, electronics projects, chemistry...) See sample translations


(contracts, commercial law, public orders, tax law, work health and safety regulations, acts of parliament, powers of attorney, statutes, property sector, technical standards, contracts, licences, civil law, criminal law...) See sample translations

Business and trade

(company correspondence, trade agreements, bids, publicity, tender enquiries, product catalogues, investment documents, corporate documents, guidelines, company policy, business negotiations...) See sample translations

Official documents

(e.g. tenders, patents, company and other notarial deeds, powers of attorney, regulations, laws, civil registry documents, diplomas, certificates, car papers, extracts from the commercial register, Essential Terms of Contracts...) See sample translations

Financial and banking

(terms and conditions, balance sheets, financial statement, banking and insurance documents, financial investments, accounting, stock market, property, industrial and construction projects, corporate instructions, memoranda, management, retail trade) See sample translations

Advertising and websites

(web pages, computer games, tourism, sports, advertising, flyers, brochures, catalogues, marketing texts, surveys, questionnaires...) See sample translations


(sworn, simultaneous, consecutive, conference translations: we also hold talks on a client’s behalf, seek partners and arrange meetings: we interpret during negotiations and business meetings, at the signing of notarial deeds and trade talks; we interpret during weddings, visits to a civil register office...) See sample translations


(test results, manuals for medical equipment and apparatus, brochures, publicity, presentations...) See sample translations

How do I order and collect a translation?

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We always send sworn translations by registered mail, priority mail or courier.
You can order a sworn translation by mail or fax, but you must show the original when you collect the translation, or send it by mail.


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